THE SHAMAN - Viejo Agustin Rivas

Shamanic Energy Massage Training Part 1 / 2

Viejo's shamanic and energetic massage training is unique!

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Viejo's shamanic and energetic massage training is unique. Here you have not only the opportunity to get to know Viejo's work, but also to get a deeper understanding between the connection of body, mind and soul.

In harmony with nature and the spiritual forces, he acts with great personal power and clarity.

Since he has an insight into the genetic and energetic state of each individual, every massage is adapted intuitively and with high sensitivity to the person's needs.

In this training, you will be able to see the shamanic massage techniques. These massages are purifying, regenerating and releasing energy blocks. They strengthen the self-healing powers and bring the body back into balance. As a result, holistic, strong healing forces can get into motion.