THE SHAMAN - Viejo Agustin Rivas

Shamanic vision quest with Viejo

Viejo (born 1961), son of Don Agustin from Peru, understands with great love, humor, great empathy and integrity, to strengthen people's trust in their own abilities and talents and in the self-healing powers dormant in every human being. Through his deep connection with nature and the spiritual forces, he draws from a source that gives him great personal power and clarity.


The shamanic vision quest with Viejo allows you to view your life from a new perspective. It shows you deeper connections in your life. Through recognition and understanding, holistic, strong healing processes can be stimulated.

  • Viejo will introduce his shamanic work in the preliminary talk.
  • After the round is a small break.
  • Around about 20:00 the beginning of the actual ceremony, the Shamanic vision quest.
  • We spend the ceremony meditating, sitting or lying.
  • Viejo accompanies us through the night with his unique voice and instruments, such as the drum and Arco del Duende.
  • With his magical Icaros and Mariris, the medical songs of the Peruvian Amazon shamans,  he understands to touch our heart as well as the whole body on a deep level to make healing happen.
  • In the end, this vision quest is rounded off with a joint Shaman dance. In the early morning hours we go to sleep.