THE SHAMAN - Viejo Agustin Rivas

Gitika Linser

Psychological counseling and shamanism


Gitika born in 1964, has worked intensively with people for over 30 years. She is trained in humanistic psychology. She teaches rituals, courses and training in humanistic psychology and shamanism. Since 1985, Gitika has been a freelance seminar leader in Europe and South America. Furthermore, she gives individual sessions in psychological counseling and shamanism.

For 15 years, she has been traveling to South America, Brazil and Peru to study shamanism. There she had contact with several shamans, among others Alba Maria (Brazil). After years of intense shamanic education, she graduated as the first European woman in the Amazon Shamanism of Don Agustin Rivas Vasquez as Alto Mando Muraiya, Shaman master degree.

Since 2006 she has worked closely with Don Agustin and his son Viejo Agustin. As an organizer and supervisor of Viejo Agustin Rivas Gonzales, she manages his work in Europe and Peru. In addition, she is responsible for organizing and managing trips to Peru, Amazon, and Viejo. Several times a year, she accompanies groups into the two camps of Viejo and Don Agustin - a journey into the magical world of the Amazon rainforest and its shamans.

Gitika is known for her sincere, loving and humorous way of working with people. She loves traveling to other countries and cultures. The nature and the work for "holistic healing" is her great passion. She has friends all over the world.